total twat.
of unsound mind and incapable of anything sensible.
complete cunt!
"fuck me, you're such a Hoppy" !!
by fletch March 23, 2004
Top Definition
Hoppies are slippers or house shoes. They can either be plain or fanciful.
Hey Gramma wants to know what kind of hoppies you want for Christmas. -Or- You can't go outside in just your hoppies, they'll get soaking wet. -Or- Where are my hoppies, my feet are cold?
by Lamacah October 13, 2013
Main Entry: hop·py

Pronunciation: \ˈho-pē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): hop·pi·er; hop·pi·est
Etymology: Middle English, from hop
Date: 21st century
1: a beer induced happyness.
2: precursor to being drunk
3: characterized by no longer being sober
douchebag1: We just drank 18 beers in 10 minutes

douchebag2: Dude, I am so fucking hoppy right now.

douchebag1: CHEA!
by ihuntmidgets October 17, 2009
a term used by people who believe they are a beer connoisseurs to describe the taste of beer. They have just started drinking or become of age and belive they know everything about alcohol.
"This beer is quite hoppy!"
by BSUurbandictionary March 18, 2013
One who acts weird, likes men and is quite the weird one.
Me: "Look, it's hoppy!"
You: "What a weird fuck!"
by Ryan December 30, 2003
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