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Small Christian college in Holland MI where students go to chapel hungover by day, and go to sketchy basement parties by night.
Did you hear about Hope College? All they do is drink in sketchy basements. They are some crazy Christians.
by ataka April 08, 2010
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A small college in Holland, MI that is a leader in undergraduate research as well as basement ragers. Although occasionally campus safety can sometimes rain on the parade, as well as HPD which often forgets the large amount of shady activity on 16+ street and trolls the student-rich areas of 12th-15th street, the atmosphere is usually a balance of work, study, and fun. Visitors on Fridays will enjoy the best phelps food ever offered as well as the faint smell of the night before on many of the tired looking students. Hope College is a great community that produces the best students, and people, in the world.
"I visited Hope College last weekend. The Organic Chemistry class I sat in on went way over my head but the shenanigans that occurred in Kollen Hall will never be forgotten.
by A.C.V-R October 07, 2011
Small, conservative college in Western Michigan. Has an odd preoccupation with wooden clogs.
Your sister goes to Hope College, right? Yeah, she wants to get her MRS.
by dutchgirl03 October 16, 2009

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