Fuck the girl from behind, then while in the same position grab her arms from underneath her, causing her to fall face forward into the carpet or bed, then move here face back and forth useing her arms as if she were a vacuum.
See Above for description. I would draw a picture if i could.
by Jeff W September 16, 2004
A criminal gang in LA, probably the biggest, that claims Hoover st. which runs all thru LA. Hoover has Crips, bloods and eses. Blacks hoods on hoover say "gruv" in addition to cuz/blood.
Q.where you from cuz/blood!?
4 possible answers=

1. Hoover Cuz!! 2. Hoover gang blood!
3. Hoover Criminals gruv!!! 4. Varrio Hoover Locos ese!!!
by Loc- O June 21, 2004
Someone that sucks a dangerous amount of cock.
Tommy's mum is such a Hoover.
by tibbons October 28, 2003
To Suck the semen out of a womans anus orally...
After he came in her ass he hoovered it right out... (past tense)
by TAY March 02, 2004
when you have anal and after he cums in your ass he sucks the jizz out
'bend over and let me hoover you'
by Stephanie February 17, 2005
You cum down a girls ass, and then you lick it out and gulp it down.
Man, Hoovers are so wrong.
by Karl November 22, 2003
This is where you cum in a girl's ass and eat your own cum outta her ass.
After they had anal sex, he hoovered out his own cum.
by snifflez July 11, 2004

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