The best dance ever created...usually done in Wheaton, Illinois.
She gets down and dirty while doing the hoover.
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
a girl that likes giving head or, is really good at it
Dill: Brittany sucks a mean dick

Garf: bitch is a hoover!
by Garf19 March 11, 2009
A person who smokes alot of pot or smokes a joint really fast. Similar to bogart.
Stop hoovering that joint
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 22, 2005
a man that needs anger managment, AA, and drug rehab. also likes to fight alot. does lots of drugs and fucks dirty rhinos.
he sure does carry on the hoover name
by u February 07, 2003
when your hittin from behind on the floor and u reach out and knock the girl's arms out from under her, then "walk" foward on your knees with the chicks face in the carpet thus the name "hoover"
hey bro did you give her the dirty williams?
na, man the hoover
by 84swanga October 16, 2010
To hoover is to illegaly and dishonestly partake of another partygoers beverage because a)> you have no money to buy your own, b), tha thrill gives you an extra sexual frisson. techniques include asking a stranger what time the club you are in closes for the night, and as he thinks he might have made a new friend and begins to explain, you, or your "wingman", surreptitiously steal his/her drink and casually exit without the victim being aware said act has been performed
"I got so many hoovers last night, at least 20"
"only because I was your wingman"
"yeah you were like the red baron"
"want to go to subway"
"yeah ok"
by ILOVEFT's October 08, 2009
A quick tempered who believes he is agg
damn ..dood hes being a hoover
by craig March 07, 2005

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