A Hoover is a Person who's broke and dont want to get a job and trying to get sh*t off you like Food,Money,Cloths,Drugs or whatever
Some of my friend's are hoover's and I hate leting them use anything because I know I wont get it back from them.
by ~FLACA~ May 24, 2008
a girl who gets an abortion
damn gurl, did you hear that kara got hoovered last week?
by Jess April 09, 2004
Nick name given to one who snorts a line of cocaine with amazing quickness and grace

To snort massive ammounts of coke without showing signs of bodily resistance.
Even though it was his first time, he Hoovered that rail like it was powdered sugar.
by Vega6794 January 30, 2003
The obligatory act of drinking beer off the floor after one has spilled it.
Hoover, motherfucker. Don't waste the beer.
by Aspirex November 17, 2005
Hoover: Adjective "who-ver"

1. Someone who sucks, blows, and gets laid in the closet. (hoover vacuum)

- An expression describing a girl that is a slut, skank, hoe, ect ect. The term comes from a well known vacuum brand, which explains the use of the word.
That girl is a straight hoover, do you know how many guys she's been with?
by Loveambs February 19, 2009
The Hoover Generation. A generation of girls who watch porn from a young age and are consequently experts at sucking dick despite there apparent lack of experience.
The girl I hooked up with last night was definitely part of the "hoover generation".
by dougie1234 March 01, 2006
1 n. a person who (a) is well-practiced at performing oral sex on a male, performs the act a lot, or (b) is seen in a negative light for performing the act. See also, (complimentary) suckstress, (derogatory) slut.

2. n. a person who injests what is perceived by others to be more than his fair portion of shared cocaine. See also pig.

3. n. a person who injests what is perceived by others to be more than a safe amount of cocaine. See also, party girl, coke head.

4. n. in SCUBA diving, a person who depletes his air supply more quickly than others in the group.

5. n. or v. in some parts of Great Britain and Australia, a generic term for "vacuum cleaner" (as people in the United States say "Coke" when they mean soda or "band-aid" when they mean adhesive bandage).
1. (a) My girlfriend gives great blowjobs. She's a fucking hoover!

(b) That hoover has blown every guy in the club. I wouldn't stick a stolen dick in that mouth.

2. We agreed to divvy up an eight-ball of coke three ways, but that greedy hoover Carl bumped half of it before we got any.

3. If Emily doesn't stop snorting so much coke, that hoover is going to give herself a heart attack.

4. I still had half a tank left, but we had to surface because Joe was being a total hoover and had used up all his air.

5. We spilled dirt on the carpet, so we had to hoover the entire floor. What did we use? A hoover.
by Marc February 14, 2004

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