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someone who walks everywhere
I always see that dirty ass bum hoofing it on the side of the road. Cracka must not even own a car. What a Hoover.
by Nick D February 13, 2003
Noun \ˈhü-vər\

A blockage in the rectum which causes general discomfort and sometimes constipation. The blockage is composed of hardened semen and in extreme cases a semen and excrement compound.
I gave you a hoover too so you’ll be more sympathetic when your mother sends you out for Ex-Lax later.
by Leopold Cheeks September 08, 2012
Female version of a "tool". A girl/woman who overestimates her talents, intelligence, interest level to others, etc.

Triple-entendré implies domesticity, fellatio, and an aptitude for general "suckiness".
After an agonizing 5 minutes, the hoover's acoustic guitar breakup song was finally over.
by bpow1234 August 03, 2010
A verb describing a sexual act in which a man ejaculates inside the anus of a man or woman, and slurps it out with a straw.
After I ejaculated in his or her ass, I hoovered it out with a straw.
by HooveringHoover January 08, 2012
On the east coast, especially the D.C. metropolitan area is any person that smokes without contribiuting substances to smoke or money for said substances, especially marijuana. Can also refer to someone who does not pay money for tobacco cigarettes but feels they are entitled to smoke others cigarettes.
Hey, don't smoke around so and so. They always show up to smoke your shit, but they never have any money/weed to put up.I can't stand hoovers!
by Mister Mercado January 10, 2011
When you are showering with a girl and you get out to shit. While you shit, she leans over from the shower and gives you a blumpkin while you sit on the toilet, and she remains in the shower.
Winston: Did you hear what Jayde did to Jamal?
Chaps: Na bro, what happened?
Winston: She gave him a hoover!
by Charlie Chaplinass November 03, 2011
1. a person who associates with or visits another person or group of people with the sole intention of smoking their weed for free, or any substance which is inhaled.

2. a person who, in a weed cypher, smokes more than what is considered to be his fair share.
i hate when they come around this bitch.../
talkin' 'bout "what y'all smokin on?"/
cuz niggas like that we call em hoovers/
they try ta get cool wit' us to smoke yo' weed up/
its what they do./

by theonejanitor February 21, 2006