A person who is kind,funny and has a big heart. Someone who would save your life when no one else gives a shit about you. Someone who will help a stranger at the risk of their own life. But they are smart and can not be fooled. They will help you but you never want to fuck over a hoover because you will lose the greates thing ever. They have a long fuse but once it blows all of hell will come to Earth. All around they are easy going and sweet.
1. Hoover will give you a place to sleep without turning it dirty and about sex.
2. Hoover will do anything for you even lie to thier friends and family just to keep you save.
3.Hoover will give you love like no one else ever did.
4. Hoover treat's you like a person not a pice of trash.
5. Hoover treats everyone with respect no matter what unless cross them.
by Azriel The Angel of Death February 06, 2010
a president of the united states. hoover was elected in 1928 and was blamed by many for the depression. contrasting greatly w/ fdr's new deal, hoover did little to nothing because he believed in the business cycle - where the economy would fix itself.

he did, however, set up the boulder dam project to provide jobs for people. boulder dam is more popularly known as hoover dam.
by unusu-al November 06, 2003
The act of placing ones mouth over the nose of another and blowing air into their nose, causing an uncomfortable noise to come out of their mouth.
Tony fell asleep during sex so I hoovered that bitch to wake him up.
by My neck my back April 17, 2016
One who partakes in oral sex quite often, and sucks like the vacuum cleaner
Tim: "Damn, Lisa blows a lot of guys"
Danny: "Yeah, she's a Hoover"
by NachoCheez May 25, 2014
An other word for Marijuana (pot, weed, kush, etc...).
"I be smokin' on that hoover!"
"yo man that party was crazy bro, Jimmy had a pound of hoover!"
by FookieBookie June 07, 2013
The Hoover is shy and sensitive.

She is easily hurt and often annoyed as she sees the world differently than others.

Often labeled "crazy", "insane" or "snobby", because of her many haters.

These haters have nothing better to do with their time than bring down others who mean only good and no harm.

The Hoover is anxious and is depressed easily, these faults, coupled along with the perfectionist trait, lead her to suicidal thoughts when things don't go perfectly, i.e: being hurt by friends, failing a math class, or being embarassed socially.
When the Hoover is loved, she is happy. She likes to have someone in charge so that she can spend her time doing other, more creative and giving things. Not stressing.
The Hoover will do anything to please others, even sacrificing her own happiness and health, for this reason, people involved with her must exhibit great caution.
All around, the Hoover is a loving, friendly, giving and smart girl, just beware to those who tread on the fragile Hoover.

When tread upon, the Hoover is given to crying fits, at this time her eyes are truly beautiful and can trap you forever in their gaze.
The Hoover was made for loving.
by LoverOfTheHoover January 12, 2012
A dumb word used by New Zealandish Mexicans to describe the act of vacuuming. Even though its a vacuum brand and not an action.
Guy 1:Yo mate I'm gonna hoover around in a bit if you wanna do the dishes.

Guy 2: What the fuck are you talking about?
by Neilio D December 02, 2011
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