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Hootie Mack or Hooty Mack is an obscure 1990s Black American slang word for Marijuana often used for a blunt. The phrase was used by Cypress Hill and Vanilla Ice in his song "Roll Em Up". Otherwise if you aren't black or are under the age of 35 you have probably never heard this term.
Yo I got da hootie mack lets roll it up.
by John19688888 June 16, 2009
To come up with ideas, to brainstorm. In a 1993 interview with people magazine, Ronnie DeVoe of the multi-platinum group Bell Biv Devoe explained, "When we sit down and come up with ideas, we call it hootie-macking." Also the name of BBD's second album.
Bell: Yo, we gotta get a hootie mack going, i'm feeling creatively stifled and we gotta record this new album.
Biv: Word.
Devoe: Now ya know.
by poindexter pencilpecker December 02, 2008

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