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what you have to look at when a girl is talking to you
Hooters hooters yum yum yum,
Hooters hooters on a girl that's dumb.
by The Dude April 28, 2003
let's go smoke a hooter
by bizzle j sizzle January 14, 2003
An oft-abused nose, esp. when used to insufflate controlled substances.
I shot so much drone up my hooter last night that I can barely breathe.
I shot so much drone up my hooter this year that the cartilage has disintegrated.
Time for my hooter to snort another line of drone.
by AJAr March 21, 2014
A restuarant chain serving up some shitty food.
Who the fuck goes to Hooters to eat.
by Kelly Hu July 02, 2003
A device used for smoking crack cocaine. Small glass tubes that come with a plastic flower or pen are often used. Other things like large sockets, antennas, or various metal pipes are also used.
"Let me see him hit the hooter. Show em how to hit the hooter!" - Crackheads Gone Wild
by Pental January 29, 2008
What Pamela Anderson had in Baywatch, but doesn't anymore...Dig?
Pam didn't need a lifejacket coz her hooters were good enough to keep her floating.
by jackal2009 April 20, 2009
A joint of any size.
term generally used in the 60's and 70's by hippies.
Example 1
Hippie 1: yoo..man.. hey.. you got a hooter on you?
Hippie 2: uhh. yeaa man.. uhheh..you got a light..?
Hippie 1: hell yea mann..
Hippie 2: fire her up dude..
Hipie 1: alrightt..mann.. groovy.
Example 2
Stoner 1: hey dude you gotta hooter?
Stoner 2: go get your own you freakin moocher.
by peacefulpothead March 21, 2008
the most overrated american institute in the world. thats right, in the WORLD. the girls are usually greasy and fat, and some of the lowest class people you can find. and the wings arnt even all that good.
Hooters is crappy, and its way overrated
by guy mann-dude September 29, 2008