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1. The belief in the Indiana University sports teams. This is pretty much school pride. However, the Gods of Hoosierism are the varsity players.


Jan 1st-A relaxful day, no one does any work at all.

Homecoming Football Game Day-Hoosierists fill the stadium cheering on the IU football team.

March Madness Bracket Selection Show Day-A very festive day especially if the IU basketball teams did well that year. If the men's and/or women's teams get selected to play in the 65 team tournament, this special day becomes National Hoosier day. Lots of partying ensues.

Places of Worship:
The Indiana University Basketball Gym and Football Field
Setting: Idaho

Person A: Did you see that man dressed in all Indiana clothing?? He must be a Hoosierist!!
Person B: What's a Hoosiersist?
Person A: One who believes in Hoosierism.
by INDIANA UNIVERSITY December 26, 2007

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