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Hooley is a small village in Surrey which consists of druggies, peadophiles and chavs. It is a shit hole in some places but in other places it is at an ok standard. There is a handy BP garrage there were you can buy your loafs of bread and baked beans and a kebab shop down the motor way which was run by a Turkish pedophile. Hooley has its own organisation called 'the hoods of Hooley' which is run by two young girls. They are famous for there saying 'don't come near us, cos we will cuss!' Make sure to lock your car doors if you have a visit to here.
Boy: I'm hungry, shall we get some food?
Boy2: Yeah let's go get some 9p sweets from the Hooley News.
by Madem May 29, 2012
1 4
Irish slang for party or celebration; by extension, some substance with which you party or celebrate.
I'm AWOH (Absent With Out Hooley) so I gotta boost tha Uncle's stash.

--Little Nephew, from the online comic Achewood
by MC Slim JB December 20, 2004
84 36
An argument, a brawl, a donnybrook, a brouhaha. A wild disagreement, possibly turning physical.
"When he was but a baby brigand in the employ of the University of Pittsburgh, Calipari's recruiting tactics very nearly incited a general hooley at the Big East's annual meeting.." - Charles P. Pierce, Slate Magazine
by Geno Marino May 03, 2013
5 4
one of the HOMIES ... the fellas...
whats good for tonite? nuthin much imma prolly be wit the HOOLEYS if anything
by @B_E_Z_O June 06, 2011
6 9
Often refered to as a sex god/sex on legs. More often than not has a massive dong and balls and wont think twice about giving you a donkey punch!
Whoah! that Hooley is sooooo fit!
by President Clinton November 16, 2008
38 42