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When someone does something that disturbs a Hookah session.
Sam: I'll be right back *In his attempt to get out from behind the table he loses his balance and steps on the Hookah hose, pulling the Hookah over*

Tim: *After rushing to pick up and put out the coals* Damnit man, your Hookah foul just put two big holes in my new couch!

Sam: Sorry bro, how about a blowy?

Tim: *Sigh* Yea, I guess that'd help make up for it.


Jack: *Gets up to go to the bathroom, walks across the room*

Lenny: Hookah foul.

Jack: *Stops* What?

Lenny: You didn't throw the hose within arms reach of me, now I've got to get my ass up and grab the hose to plug it so I can smoke. Dick.

Jack: My bad, would a reach around help?

Lenny: Yea, we could probably call it even.


Tim: Yo, I know the perfect song for this session *Goes to YouTube and plays Rebecca Black 'Friday'*

Jim: What the fuck man, such a Hookah foul. You just completely ruined my buzz.

Tim: Would it help if I gave you a blumpkin?

Jim: Yea, I guess that would be fair.
by Dr. Hookah April 16, 2011
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