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When a girl is on the rag, she has a nasty drippy hoo-haw
by GayBandMan September 30, 2003
Southern term for a female's genitalia
That gal's skirt was so short you could almost see her hoohaw!
by DustieSheets July 18, 2008
Another word describing non-sense or something that is ot true.
All of that talk going on is a bunch of Hoo Haw
by Nobodie Inparticular October 04, 2009
A covert reference to marijuana, hash or grass. Can be used in family friendly environment or the workplace.
Do you have any hoo haw?
by gro October 12, 2006
A replacement word for a noun in which the name of is unknown or has been forgotten.
Look in my tool box for the hoohaw that can cut this wood.
by Levirocks November 28, 2007