undue excitement; ado; todo; commotion.
There was a kind of hoo-ha over the minister's resignation.
by uttam maharjan December 23, 2012
lady private parts.. netherparts... vaginal area.

"hey doodoo face! lemme see ur hoo ha!"

"no silly, not in la clase de espanol... maybe in psychology.. we sit in the forgotten corner anyways"

by wedenesday December 13, 2006
an exclamation of great happiness
Hooha, your finally back! or Can i get a hooha two times tuesday!?
by cheryl blossom April 12, 2006

no sense
that's a bunch of hoo ha
by koolkkhaira April 17, 2004
a set of nice womans boobs
oh yeah look at the hoohas on her!
by scott pattinson May 24, 2008
what al pacino kept saying every five seconds in "scent of a woman".
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003
any genitals on either a boy or a girl
Jenny kicked Tim in his hoo-ha

That skirt is so low you can almost see your hoo-ha
by kate January 19, 2005

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