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adjective: Descriping someone as living in "mid-town" aka the "Da Hood", gettho, or section 8 but treats it like a gated commuinity. Also desrcibing someone spending money they don't have just to keep up with the other hoodriffik neighbors..

Adjective: decribing something that looks waxed, buffed, and shined or anything that is clearly better taken care of then the 3 kids playing in the yard next to the house that is falling down.
Kiki is so hoodrifik she just paid $250 for some good Indian hair that she dyed purple to match her purple blouse, purple skirt, and her purple "say something" hat, purple "Christian Louboutin" shoes, and purple Louis Vuitton purse to attend easter Sunday church services at the Beal street church of Christ.
by Amanda Walker Davis January 01, 2012
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