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Woodridge IL
though it is not nearly as ghetto as some places in chicago it is considered the ghetto area of the suburbs
From woodridge: whoop whoop! We from hoodridge!
From Chicago: who da fuck you think you is?
From another nicer suburb: omg stay away from them...
by I am from woodridge July 16, 2012

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Hoodridge is the slang term for Woodridge, IL.
Yo, you live up in Hoodridge.
by noname urban September 21, 2003
Woodridge, IL.

^where the party at. where it all goes down. Hoodridge's got all kinds-a ppl man..yo ghettos, yo playas, yo skatas, yo prepps, man.. its culturally mixed man. its the place to be g money. u gots spare time? man.. head over to hoodridge yo.^
"man jo u live in hoodridge? hook me up g money.. i hurrrd thats where the party at"
by G money ..Werd February 01, 2004
Woodridge, Illinois;
this be the ghetto up in da burbs where all dem playas be at who be smokin it up wit they homies an if they know they ghetto they wanna be mackin it out up in Hoodridge
I got four babies daddies livin up in Hoodridge wit they mama's mamas.
by Holla Atcha Mija February 02, 2004