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and old school ride, might not be in good condition but it still runs
82 caddy thats all beat up but is still crusin
by jacob b January 03, 2003
1. An folk magic tradition, a mixture of Voodoo and folk traditions with its source in the Deep South. Usually involves charms, potions, spells, etc.
2. A person who practices this type of folk magic or Voodoo
3. Often used to mean the same as Voodoo.
"He be a Hoodoo"
"Im goin to do some Hoodoo on him"
by Athel April 22, 2005

1. Religion -> Pretty much same as voodoo.

2. Bad luck or misfortune.

3. Somebody or something believed to bring bad luck.

4. Oddly-shaped rock column: a column of rock that has been weathered into a strange shape.

1. Some people believe in Hoodoo.
2. Having Hoodoo sucks.
3. Being a Hoodoo sucks too.
4. Hoodoo rocks are oddly shaped.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
When one has been put in a bad situation, ripped off, or has been owned
Oh lowwwwwdy me, I dun been hoo-dooed by you hooligans!
by Captain Stabbin' January 19, 2004