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A cardigan which also features a hood... Giving the name "hodigan"
"Oh a cardigan with a hood?? Must be a Hoodigan"
by Wagner72 March 17, 2009
Just another name for a teenage hooligan.
Hooded teenagers that stands on shop corners or walk the streets of most English neighbourhoods causing trouble, vandalising properties, scratching cars, breaking windows, littering, graffitting on walls and road signs or in engaging in conduct which caused or was likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as himself (or herself).

You and I know them as hoodi’s. To be classed as a hoodi(gan), one has to wear a cap with a hooded top, or a hooded jacket, or a sweat shirt and burberry baseball cap or a tracksuit top with hood and cap. The tracksuit bottoms must have a stripe down the sides, normally it’s white, and designer sports shoes like Nike, Rebok, Puma are a must. (so basically they look like twats because they all look the same ).

Most hoodigans smoke (weed or regular cigerettes) and almost all drink (cider, beer and strong spirits). You will rarely see a hoodigan standing alone on a pavement. They normally gather in groups of five or more and almost always take up the whole pavement so that it’s impossible to pass through.

You can always tell there are hoodigans around because they are the ones making the most noise, swearing the loudest, spitting everywhere and showing no respect to others and most likely destroying something that is not theirs.
by Robin Hood Snr. December 18, 2005
a hooligan from the hood
Were those kids startin shit with you?

Nah, they were just bein hoodigans.
by BronxBull June 20, 2010

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