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Hoodie Weather is used as a replacement word for winter in south Texas, considering winter time in South Texas weather goes down to 33 degrees at the lowest, and high of like 65 degrees, which is Hoodie Weather.
Josh: "I cant wait till Hoodie Weather."
Jason: "Goddamn, Me too."
by MyLifeAsAPigeon August 31, 2011
6 14
when the temperature is between a range of 32 degrees to 48 degrees fahrenheit of course.
Hey Frank, what are you doing wearing a coat? This is hoodie weather
by Henraldo4prez December 15, 2008
16 12
The time of the year when the temperature calls for a hoodie. Hoodie weather is subjective to location do to different temperatures. However, most areas will experience the emergence of hoodie weather sometime in late summer or early fall.
GA Guy: Finally! The weather is dipping to a cool 85, time to whip out the hoodies.

PA Guy: What?! That's not hoodie weather! That's shorts and a t-shirt weather here! You so silly!
by Boatboatboat September 07, 2011
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