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A way to wear clothing. Usually this look is achieved by a girl somewhere between the ages of 14-25. The clothing donned in the winter consists of tight, low-riding jeans and a hoodie. For an authentic look the hoodie should belong to a boyfriend and be a few sizes too big. The makeup consists of mostly eye liner and mascara. The makeup in combination with super straightened hair and the hoodie is really the whole key to pulling off the look.

In the summer the jeans can be exchanged for a pair of Soffe shorts that are rolled down at the hips just enough to expose some flesh hanging over the side. Victoria's Secret line of "Pink" sweatpants is also commonly seen in this wardrobe.
"She had to get up awfully early to achieve that casual trashy look."
"That hoodie skank over there."
by Cait S. June 11, 2008
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