Someone who contains extra foreskin on the hood of their penis.
Little Johnny Foreskin is a hooded soldier.
My teacher is a hooded soldier.
I think my dad is a hooded soldier.
Dude John Goodman is obviously a hooded soldier.
by ohyeah76 October 05, 2009
Top Definition
A hooded soldier is a confident man who takes pride in his foreskin. A hooded solider knows the power and appreciates the function of his intact penis.
She keeps coming back for that hooded soldier.
by Hooded Solider November 02, 2015
(n.) A fully intact human penis.
A hooded soldier provides more sexual stimulation for a man compared to a circumcised penis.
by RamenHoliday March 11, 2016
Hooded Soldier is simply what you call a man's dick that is uncircumcised.
One woman to another: "Girl , that man is hung! Last night after the club that man was on me solid with a hooded Soldier!!"
by Squeakxxx April 04, 2016
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