A car that you don't not need a key to start.
That car is hood rich.
by Ben April 18, 2005
btw class of 2002 in montgomery alabama
yeah that was our class song cuz some people had a habit of buying things with money they didn't have. how did you afford that beamer, son?
by damnitall April 23, 2003
The best damn IMBA team out there
Chenny, LeeLee, DPG, Jitty, puppy, chummy, hoagie, boss
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
Full of character that would come from the hood.
If somethings so ghetto that it's funny then it's hood rich.
From xzibit: That car is so hood rich
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
tight shit that would only happen in da hood, stuff thats so ghetto its funny
my car starts w/o a key. thats hood rich right thurr
by DA DA March 18, 2004
this kid at school who says 'huh huh huh huh' 'hoodrich' and other various expressions using his grunt-'huh'-like 'huh plus huh equals hhhuuuhhh!'

hoodrich is a taint!
huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh
by david kuo October 20, 2004
Copped a new BMW, but live in the ghetto.
Girl, you like my new hood rich Bimmer? I don't know where I'm going to park without it getting broken into though.
by C Burnett November 15, 2007

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