A man, specifically a nigger, that claims to be rich, because he makes $4 more per hour than his nigger friends who live on welfare. Demonstrated well by Waka Flocka Flame.
Nigger #1 - Aye bress I'm hood rich!

Nigger #2 - Nahh boe you ain't got shit in yo wallet.

Nigger #1 - My Cadillac sit on 24s nigga!

Nigger #2 - But you ain't got no gas.

Nigger #1 - Fuck...
by White Superiority June 07, 2011
Hood Rich Is Where A Person That Lives In A "Lower" Society Has Lots Of Flashy Expensive Things That Most People Of That Class Only Dream Of But Still Aint "Made It". Can Also Be Someone Who Has Lots Of Things Only Rich People Have But Are Not Techniqually "Rich".
For Example: If You Hood Rich Then You Live In The Hood But Got A Ride Sittin On Rims That Cost More Than The Car Or Gotta New Escalade/Charger On 24's Or More But Use Most/All Their Money To Pay For It.
by 863Jaime863 December 06, 2007
Playful name for the town of Goodrich, MI.
Kid 1: "Where do you live?"
Kid 2: "I live in Hoodrich, yo!"
by Hoodricher March 26, 2009
living in the ghetto ie projects, low income housing,section 8 but the inside of your house looks like a mini mansion an you have a fleet of fine cars w/o a legit job.
Girl she drives a Lexus and got a 54 inch flat screen tv. She is hood rich.
by maxx March 04, 2005
You ain't got shit in the bank, or a job, but you still get what you want, and you look good doing it.
"I thought he ain't got no job"-person 1,
"He don't, but that don't mean he can't get that type of shit, he hood rich"-person 2
by jaystew February 11, 2008
Producing a living through drug trafficking or other forms of hustling
Tha boi just signed a record deal but he been hood rich from day one!
by Shipp December 03, 2003
Hood Rich is living in Taft Texas with sixteen children from one mother and fifteen other teen babies mommas with sixteen kids, havin the kids run around half nekked because you want to buy a Cadillac Escalade wit spinnas. Thats hood rich.
My baby's daddy is so fucking hood rich. i wonder when he's gonna start paying child support.
by megan shinks June 07, 2004

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