A girl who wears skate shoes that aren't Vans Authentics, wears a shit ton of eye shadow, tight jeans, and likes to smoke weed and fuck guys. Known for fucking/sucking dudes for drug money.
Damn man! Look at that bitches eye shadow, i bet that hood rat just got back from suckin' some dude off in his truck for weed money.
by Megatard November 28, 2008
associated with white trash and kaelyn quite a bit. an indian lookin slut who tries to get with other chicks boyfriends.
she is the queen of the hood rats, just look at her.
by hahahaha... May 24, 2009
Hood Rats are losers who walk around downtown. They have no job, and usually dropped out of high school. They are often spotted by the Mountain Dew bottle located in the back pocket. They always have about half their underwear showing.
Dave : Look at that kid 12 year old kid smokin a cig, and he has mountain dew in his back pocket

Diddy : Yeah he must be a total hood rat
by p-diddsss July 27, 2011
dat biach who is down wit the getto boys
Alice is a hood rat
by hot diggity October 07, 2002
a girl with child that hangs around the streets with greasy slicked back hair on the side with jeans tucked into their boots with a hoodie and hoop ear rings and about 50 rings on their fingers thinking they look hot 2 death and will f*ck anything with a d*ck
marc-"geez louise i can't believe shellys pregnant again man that's like the third now and she still in skool!"
leon-"naa thats the fourth she a dirty little hood rat, im'a go see if i can get some, inabit!"
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
A trick that gets the cheese and brings it back to you.
Bitch, I'm broke as hell. I'm lookin' for a Hood Rat!
by Jay_Dub December 23, 2008
1.Overly Cocky Ghetto People.
2.A male or female roaming the area for trouble and attention.
The Hood Rats just threw some M80's in Monte's mail box.
by JJJJJJosephine July 08, 2006
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