a girl with child that hangs around the streets with greasy slicked back hair on the side with jeans tucked into their boots with a hoodie and hoop ear rings and about 50 rings on their fingers thinking they look hot 2 death and will f*ck anything with a d*ck
marc-"geez louise i can't believe shellys pregnant again man that's like the third now and she still in skool!"
leon-"naa thats the fourth she a dirty little hood rat, im'a go see if i can get some, inabit!"
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
1.Overly Cocky Ghetto People.
2.A male or female roaming the area for trouble and attention.
The Hood Rats just threw some M80's in Monte's mail box.
by JJJJJJosephine July 08, 2006
A girl, that is known as a bad bitch, one to be known as loyal to her main man, knows how to bring in money, not dependant on the man in the game, she knows how to get her way along in life.
That girl right there is my hood rat
by Craven. August 08, 2008
A teenager, normally with terrible posture who wears a hoodie and hangs around looking menacing. They can normally be seen hanging around outside shops and McDonalds. Often obstructing the doorway and making threatening comments when people want to get past.

Hood rats are rarely seen on their own. They seek safety in numbers. Their posture is so terrible that in many cases, their necks practicaly extend horizontally from their chests. Normally skinny white kids.
Damn, I had to fight my way through 20 hood rats just to get a cheese burger.
by thepreacher June 24, 2005
cpl tony leanza usmc
cpl leanza is such a hood rat that he sleeps with all the guys he works with.
by smokey bonez October 14, 2007
a scrub or pigeon on the street askin u fo' dough
look at this boy, he a hood rat, scrapin fo my money...........
by Baby Blue September 30, 2004
A member of the British urban underclass. These young plebs stalk the streets at night, creating mayhem. Their attire is usually track-suit bottoms and Nikes, and a hooded swetshirt which is pulled up over a BB cap in an attempt to look intimidating. they are usually drunk on fortified wines and run about chasing each other with knives and running around schemes (projects) in their wanked-up shitty little French cars!
The hood-rat's face exploded ina cloud of blood and cartilage.
by Skirtlifter March 05, 2006

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