1. A questionable individual who runs around the hood causing havoc and making their mother's cry. Usually seen in packs of two to seven. One can usually hear a hood rat before they are seen because of their obnoxious calls to either potential mates or other hood rats.

2. A rodent who enjoys hanging out in the hoods of their owners hoodies/jackets.
1. What's that sound? Oh, it's just the local hood rats.

2. Aww, look at that little hood rat.
by CreepyGothChick July 05, 2014
A person such as Phoenix Porter-Watts who is going no where in life and sits around smoking weed all day, he also thinks that he is the blackest dawg out when in actual fact, he's just a cracker
ow g ow hook us a spindo dawg, na I aint a hood-rat
by Nigarnuts July 03, 2013
an overgrown rodent with the ability to swim usually found under pool bulkheads in the hood. When angry a hood rat tends to revert to the training given to it by the tyra banks show or oprah. Have also been been confused with a nukka face
check out that nukka face over there swimming backstroke!

dude that ain't no nukka face thats a straight up hood rat.
by thegcubeav July 28, 2010
1.) Beth ;noun,

2.) one who blames other for short comings in life.

3.) Uses people to be a daddy for there baby
"Hey John, did you hear from Hood Rat?" reply "no,last time I saw her was on her way to a shrink.
by Dashrink March 08, 2009
A male or female that is always at partys making out and messing around with random people, but doesn't let them hit!
I hood rat it out wen i go party XD!
by LBctunes May 22, 2010
the sickest shit ever
stealing your grandmas car for a hood rat joy ride. doing hood rat shit with your friends
by kkklutchh May 06, 2009
A triflin' bitch who thinks she the shit and talks about everybody and they momma even though she ain't shit herself. Usually has large amounts of red weave comin from her nappy ass roots.
Hamidah is a straight hood rat.
by woopsy January 19, 2006
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