A person such as Phoenix Porter-Watts who is going no where in life and sits around smoking weed all day, he also thinks that he is the blackest dawg out when in actual fact, he's just a cracker
ow g ow hook us a spindo dawg, na I aint a hood-rat
by Nigarnuts July 03, 2013
an overgrown rodent with the ability to swim usually found under pool bulkheads in the hood. When angry a hood rat tends to revert to the training given to it by the tyra banks show or oprah. Have also been been confused with a nukka face
check out that nukka face over there swimming backstroke!

dude that ain't no nukka face thats a straight up hood rat.
by thegcubeav July 28, 2010
A male or female that is always at partys making out and messing around with random people, but doesn't let them hit!
I hood rat it out wen i go party XD!
by LBctunes May 22, 2010
Someone who is frequently seen in the hood. People who act ghetto. Usually the least classy people you will ever meet. In order to be a hood rat, you don't have to have unprotected sex, or do drugs. You just gotta be from the hood.
Look at Ryan's myspace with his new DJ Khaled song, he is such a hood rat.

Brendan and Sarah are the biggest hood rats I know.
by YOryan July 26, 2008
1.) Beth ;noun,

2.) one who blames other for short comings in life.

3.) Uses people to be a daddy for there baby
"Hey John, did you hear from Hood Rat?" reply "no,last time I saw her was on her way to a shrink.
by Dashrink March 08, 2009
A Hood Rat is a female...actually female is too nice. A Hood Ratis a BITCH that wants to be had, but shes so dirty and nasty that no one wants her, unless they trying to Fuck. To feel had, she fucks ALOT of niggas, usually unprotected which is why she gots a bunch of kids and even more baby daddies....cause u kno that bitch tellin a couple different niggas that they her baby daddy to the same baby...sorry bitch, but no matter how hard u try, your baby can only have one father, fucking gold digger. That brings me to the word, scandalous!! Hood Rats are SCANDALOUS, TRIFELIN, SHIESTY ASS HOES that stay true to only one thing and that's the dick!! She will let everyone down but never let the dick go down. Dirty Girl for sure. Some people limit where to find a Hood Rat to just the Hood...I don't believe that though. I've seen, for my self, a Hood Rat in a normal middle class neighborhood. So don't be thrown off when u see one somewhere other than the hood, they can be anywhere like, the beach, the movies, your local ice cream shop, your bed, Anywhere that u can find a dick u can find a Hood Rat!! They originated in the Hood but slowly expanded to....well, everywhere. They could have a good disguise to try and cover up the Hood Rattness, So be careful, cause u don't wanna get caught up with one....like I did!! My Ex is the perfect example of a hood rat, thank god I made it out!!!! Shot out to Erica...u fuckin HOOD RAT!!
What baby? Your pregnant?? IT'S MINE??? Bitch I'm a girl....see as how it's impossible for me to get you pregnant due to me having a fuckin pussy , yous a motha fuckin Hood Rat !!!!!

You are scandalous, trifelin, shiesty, and a dirty girl all wrapped up in one nasty human body!!
by A-M-W February 06, 2014
Girls of any ethnicity who make a problem out of nothing. Although thought to be scientifically impossible, they seem to have no boundaries. They feed off drama as would rats feed off cheese. They normally date blacks, puerto ricans, or mexicans in whom would claim to be in a gang or dress as if they are in one. They get turned on by the fact that their boyfriend is a bad-ass and sleeps with other women. These hood rats love to feed off that drama, so they go back out with him the next day only for it to happen again. If these hood rats happen to be caucasian, they desperately wish that they were Puerto Rican or Mexican, so they talk as if they were one.
Did you see those Hood Rats trying to fight me over 3 dollars? They must desperately want their next hit of weed
by HoodRatHater100 August 25, 2010

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