Hood Rats is a urban expression for drunken bitches aka. hoes aka. skunks
this expression refers to women that are easy to get in bed with. as easy as that.
"So what you just got to do is just get you a bunch of these hood rats run through them, just knock them out. Boom, boom, boom. And once you've done slayed like all of them hood rats now you ready to go up to the upper echelon type ho. You know what I mean?" - Jay, "40 year old virgin".
by Elad "da ShizzLe" Cohen March 26, 2009
hoodrats are promiscuous females that go out at night with the intention of getting nailed. previously, the term was limited to use my urban males. With the release of "40 year old virgin", the term has leaked into the mouths of upperclass white males. Of course it is used with sarcastic overtones. If you are inexperienced sexually, what you want to do is knock out 10 to 20 hoodrats before going for the girl you really want in order gain some knowledge first.
Ryan: "Excuse me driver, where can we find some hoodrats?"
Bellhop driving green range rover back from Teazer's: "I don't know man"
by Ryan14426256 August 04, 2006
a skank who sleeps with multiple men, usually in the same circle of friends.
she also has no respect for herself or her appearance. can be found at local shows in the woods performing sexual pleasures on multiple band members
can also be found in the hood, in the woods performing sexual pleasures with multiple "Gs"

also posts scandalous pictures on myspace

you could call a hood rat at anytime and
they will do whatever you please

hood rats also enjoy getting "tag teamed" and having a "train" run on them
"did you see that hood rat at the show yesterday? with the poorly teased hair, dark, runny eye makeup, and revealing clothing?"
"yeah i heard she showed her breasts to multiple people last night"
"i also heard she went home with that lead singer from that band"
by antihoodratforlife September 08, 2008
Noun: 1)A derogatory title for someone born and/or raised in a low class neighborhood that may or may not have lived on government assistance most or all of their life; or is depended on illegal means in order to provide for themselves and their family. 2)A person born to a promiscuous parent and/or a parent frequently jailed or imprisoned.
ADJ: Behavior as such above.
"Your man is a Hood Rat."

"Your girl is a Hood Rat."

"You are acting like a Hood Rat."
by Purplegrass823 January 25, 2008
Mostly used towards females that live in the hood and love it. They will probably live in the hood forever, don't wanna leave & probably have never left the hood. If you come across one, they will know where to find anything in the hood- drugs, candy lady, the lady that sells clothes, and they know everyone's business. Not all hood rats are dirty, they pay very low rent or live with a parent or family member so they can afford to "stay fresh". Most of them are freaks, have slept with all the neighborhood guys, all it take is a blunt or a bottle/cup of liquor, but if this particular one is ugly, all it takes is a few words.
Hey, go ask that hood rat who the police was looking for yesterday
by Slick Ms T November 03, 2010
A hood-rat's a prunk, brat, trouble maker, bad up bringing. Picture a person who steals a car so it can run over a cat with it.
"She's a hood-rat who needs an additude ajustment."
by Wormtail August 04, 2005
A low-class, urban female or male who displays very little to no morals or self-respect that happens to live in an impoverished neighborhood. The Caucasian variation of the Hood Rat are known as Trailer Trash.
A) SABRINA on Madea's Big Happy Family (Byyyreeeeen!!!)

B) Hood Rats are always on the Maury Show getting paternity tests done.
by Bornscorpion October 04, 2011
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