A nasty girl from the ghetto with no class and/or morals. She may be loud and unpleasant to hang around. She may cuss for nothing and is always ready to fight. She simply has no class. A female in a low-social-status or low-income-status environment ( a ghetto, a trailer-park, etc) who displays no dignity or self-respect and who lacks intelligence in basic decision-making. she is usually promiscuous, loud, brazen, addicted to drugs or alcohol, short-tempered and is usually not very bright. A girl that you can find in the hood, at any given time, doing people, drugs, or anything she has no business doing. Basically the neighborhood ho, that's down for anything to get what she wants.
that girl Dominique is such a hoodrat
by ayyypappiiii April 14, 2010
A female usually of African-American decent who is from the ghetto and is known to be sexually loose and usually isn't that attractive. These are females who don't dress appropriately more than half their wardrobe consists of tight and often revealing clothing. They're usually holding a job at fast food places or retail stores and many have no real education and are likely to be high school dropouts. They also have children with different fathers who have criminal records or some kind of sketchy past. They also live at home with their parent(s) or someone and don't have themselves established with their own anything. They are not very intelligent and their vocabulary sounds like they failed remedial English. They often make fun of those who are successful and established because they are jealous and envy those who actually work for things. Have a high tendency to be lazy and unmotivated. Hoodrats tend to have a greedy and self centered mentality and its mostly fueled by their love of money. They often like to cause problems from stealing other women's husbands and boyfriends to fighting over petty drama and they like to lie a lot about BS stuff. They will fake pregnancies to keep a man who is on the verge of leaving. These type of women are ones men are advised to stay clear of. Hoodrats are often women that men don't take to nice restaurants or establishments they are usually feeding them at the cheap local burger or chicken place.
That hoodrat stole Tawandas man and got a baby with him.
by HmQueenBee75 March 29, 2011
This is an ancient word, which comes from Egyptian times, it derived from when hoods were placed over the faces of the dead leaders before they were mummified, however, sometimes, while waiting for embalmment, rats would get into the room and start eating the deceased one. These were the "Hood rats". This word was left undiscovered till the early 21st century when some one from the British Museum found the word on the Rosetta stone and decoded it. He then found that the word fitted in with Chav so he used it in common speech.
some hood rats stole ma walet yesterday, he was wearing a burbery hat and a fake addidas trakkie and very white trainers, with a 2lt bottle of White Lightning.
by David Caplin April 19, 2005
Hoodrat is an adjective not to be confused with the noun Hood Rat. Hoodrat is an adjective used to describe things kids in the hood do for fun, such as steal their grandmother's car and drive it down a highway at age 7, or throw eggs off a bridge at cars on the highway. Usually, doing hoodrat stuff will get you arrested. Hoodrat can also be a noun, being a person who does hoodrat things.
"I wanna go do hoodrat things with my friends"
by bungalowben236 May 21, 2008
A male/female who entire outlook is based on only what they have learned/seen/done/heard of or heard done in the hood. They have no desire/seem afraid to leave the hood and see different things in life. And when outside the hood, they behave in a manner that lets everyone know that they are from no where else BUT the hood. They dismiss anyone or anything that is different to what the hood has taught them. To them, if it's not hood, it can't be right.
I went down to the mall today to catch a movie and the mall was full of hoodrats. they act like they have never been anywhere or seen anything before.
by AB Dan July 18, 2006
Any Hispanic girl that wears way too much makeup, has penciled in eyebrows, too much gel, a handful of at-home piercings, and is generally nasty. The hoodrat society is a hierarchy, with the main hoodrat, or the one who is considered the “prettiest”(sluttiest) and has friends who are usually second in command, at the bottom are the messenger hoodrats, who send messages like “quit talkin’ shit about my homegirl” or “my homegirl says you better quit talkin’ shit” to other girls. Hoodrats are generally very cowardly and hide behind their boyfriends or their gang connections. Usually have friends who will fight FOR them.
Age range: 14-19
habitat: working class neighborhoods, ghettos.
Clothing: anything tight.
Hair: black or dark brown, usu. W/ blonde highlights. Usually in very high ponytail,(known as the “hoodrat facelift”)
jewelry: gold, and lots of it. At-home Marylin Monroe piercing, 10 piercings on each ear.
Social traits: Beware, for they hunt in packs.
Pastimes: talking shit, having sex, getting “fucked up”, making enemies, shaving their eyebrows, getting pregnant, making out in public places(preferably school hallways), fighting, dispatching messengers.
That girls eyebrows are fake, you can tell she pencils ‘em in, what a freakin’ hoodrat.

Hoodrat: my homegirl says to quit talkin’ shit
Girl: tell her to say that shit to my face, and to get her stupid fellow hood rats off my back.
by Lola_lola23_2 March 16, 2006
a hoodrat is that chick who had sex with all then dudes in the neighborhood.
that chick soo loose she damn near a hoodrat. more commonly called a skeet, slut, ho, easy, etc....
by dracellie March 06, 2005
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