Noun = Females found in urban neighborhoods, who are locally known for sexual favors. Also called Rats
" I heard yo Mamma is a retired Hoodrat."
by Deondre Duncan October 17, 2003
Some dumb ass bitch from the hood who likes dick, and gives neck and gets fucked on the daily basis.
yo that bitch is a hood rat.
by Castro aka CUban March 19, 2006
A skank ass hoe thats fucked most of the men in the hood; A girl that gets around;hoe; A theme park( everyones had a ride up in that bitch)
(Girl passed by)Yo dog, I wuz all up in them guts last night (All ur boys say So, I hit that shit too, yea me too, yup, so have I)
by Lil Shank February 19, 2004
Females who have greasy hair, dress slutty, smell bad, act like a ghetto bitch, get in other peoples business, have mustaches and there fat stomachs hang out of there shirt that is too small. Drugs are also a common staple. STD's are a part of life.

Sign of hood rats afoot, needles for shooting up there herion. drip marks on the ground from there greasy hair, trash left wherever they have been, loud obnoxiuos laughs, yappity voices that annoy you, seamen covered cerian wrap because they can afford condoms.
Andrew-Hey Matt lets go find us some Hood Rats to fuck!
Matt- Nah man im good i dont feel like getting Herpigonacifilaids.
by Phaty Matty August 27, 2007
A female who is extremely ghetto. Enjoys partying, fighting, and casual (usually unprotected) sex with numerous partners. Typically loud, obnoxious, and rude. Most likely has a drug addiction, commonly crack.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Rachael last night?

Guy 2: No what happened?

Guy 1: She was shit-faced, and after giving Jake a blowjob she got into a fist fight with two girls at the party!

Guy 2: Jesus... she's such a hood rat
by Quami May 03, 2008
usually means young kids who are usually from poorer backgrounds who roll in groups, all dress like lil ganstas, and generally annoy people. usually found at arcades, bus depots, or malls.
guy 1: hey wanna go to the mall?
guy 2: hell nah, too many hood rats down there!
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
a person who lives and exhibits attitudes of inner city life. usually a negative connotation that implies poor upbringing, bad manners, little to no education and low class behavior.
That 12 year old kid is drinking a 40, bullying that younger kid and urinating on someone's car, what a hood rat!
by Dr. Know It ALL November 30, 2003
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