People who do bad thangs with their friends for fun
Eric, Casey, and Dave gave Anthony a hood rat water park
by atts56340 April 10, 2010
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A male/female who entire outlook is based on only what they have learned/seen/done/heard of or heard done in the hood. They have no desire/seem afraid to leave the hood and see different things in life. And when outside the hood, they behave in a manner that lets everyone know that they are from no where else BUT the hood. They dismiss anyone or anything that is different to what the hood has taught them. To them, if it's not hood, it can't be right.
I went down to the mall today to catch a movie and the mall was full of hoodrats. they act like they have never been anywhere or seen anything before.
by AB Dan July 18, 2006
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a female that sleeps with everyone in the hood.
damn dog you see that girl i hit that.(and all your homies say) ME TOO! that girl is a HOODRAT!!!!!!!!!!
by WICKED WILLIE SGV CALIFAS November 14, 2002
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A small town or urban kid that's got nothing better to do than fuck shit up.
Let's go do some hood rat shit.
Tyrone blew up 3 mailboxes and stole a sign all in one night, He's a real hood rat.
by KMUNNY March 02, 2015
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A slutty girl that's from the hood, wears pink a lot, talks to all the nasty thugs that she went to jr. high with, raspy voice, walks to the movies, can't drive, most likely hispanic, loves to go clubbing, loves older thugs also, children are a plus. Denies being ghetto. Usually has a butt'er face, you can tell how loose a hood rat is just from her walk. Loves Quinceneras. Hood rats often believe themselves to be 'preppy', but don't believe they're slutty.
Hood Rat Conversation;
Hood Rat 1: I need some new polo boots, I left mine at the quince.
Hood Rat 2: Yah, I need some new L.E.I. jeans, but them bitches are expensive.
Hood Rat 1: I'm getting some ultra flare ones after my sisters get their financial aide check, we're going to KOHLS to blow it all.
Hood Rat 2: Daaamn, big ballas.
by HoHater November 05, 2005
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A triflin' bitch who thinks she the shit and talks about everybody and they momma even though she ain't shit herself. Usually has large amounts of red weave comin from her nappy ass roots.
Hamidah is a straight hood rat.
by woopsy January 19, 2006
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A group of lg's (little girls) who come to your house and eat all of you instant noodles
Alex: hey im hungry lets go to your house
Daniel: we cant the hood rats are over
by Nunezzzzz May 01, 2009
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