A group of lg's (little girls) who come to your house and eat all of you instant noodles
Alex: hey im hungry lets go to your house
Daniel: we cant the hood rats are over
by Nunezzzzz May 01, 2009
Good-natured and reasonable college aged girls that spend their time doing crafts, making smoothies and watching duck dynasty. They often consider themselves rebels and giggle constantly when they refer to themselves as such.
Veronica: We we're tottally hood ratting it out last night! "giggle"
by not bjorn May 10, 2012
Ugly ass ghetto boy
That kid is a hood rat, hes gross.
by skiibby April 01, 2015
A small town or urban kid that's got nothing better to do than fuck shit up.
Let's go do some hood rat shit.
Tyrone blew up 3 mailboxes and stole a sign all in one night, He's a real hood rat.
by KMUNNY March 02, 2015
Savage children that will shank you / stab you and mug you, stealing your money. They travel in packs of at least three in the poorer neighbor hoods of New Zealand. Be aware! Lock your car doors when travelling through these areas.
I was nearly stabbed by a bunch of hoodrats.
by Pedophile 101 February 27, 2015
a) person who lives and exhibits attitudes of inner city life. usually a negative connotation that implies poor upbringing, bad manners, little to no education and low class behavior
b) Zakiya
thats a hoodrat
by funnyman900 October 10, 2014
native Little Rock car wash denizens, of questionable moral and physical integrity, who ply their trade for the entertainment of Ranger-tabbed military logistical officers (see also: Hobby Horse)
CPT Ranger picked up a hood rat at the carwash.
by ranger2BN October 23, 2011

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