A group of lg's (little girls) who come to your house and eat all of you instant noodles
Alex: hey im hungry lets go to your house
Daniel: we cant the hood rats are over
by Nunezzzzz May 01, 2009
Good-natured and reasonable college aged girls that spend their time doing crafts, making smoothies and watching duck dynasty. They often consider themselves rebels and giggle constantly when they refer to themselves as such.
Veronica: We we're tottally hood ratting it out last night! "giggle"
by not bjorn May 10, 2012
native Little Rock car wash denizens, of questionable moral and physical integrity, who ply their trade for the entertainment of Ranger-tabbed military logistical officers (see also: Hobby Horse)
CPT Ranger picked up a hood rat at the carwash.
by ranger2BN October 23, 2011
A slutty girl that's from the hood, wears pink a lot, talks to all the nasty thugs that she went to jr. high with, raspy voice, walks to the movies, can't drive, most likely hispanic, loves to go clubbing, loves older thugs also, children are a plus. Denies being ghetto. Usually has a butt'er face, you can tell how loose a hood rat is just from her walk. Loves Quinceneras. Hood rats often believe themselves to be 'preppy', but don't believe they're slutty.
Hood Rat Conversation;
Hood Rat 1: I need some new polo boots, I left mine at the quince.
Hood Rat 2: Yah, I need some new L.E.I. jeans, but them bitches are expensive.
Hood Rat 1: I'm getting some ultra flare ones after my sisters get their financial aide check, we're going to KOHLS to blow it all.
Hood Rat 2: Daaamn, big ballas.
by HoHater November 05, 2005
a fucking bitch who likes to sleep with niqqas and deosnt really give a shit!slut
hood rat difinition
by mz.troubl3z January 26, 2010
A girl who is a skan hussy and walks around dha hood actin lyk she 5 star bitch but she nun but a 2 star and she pregnant by chris !
Shanquea:"ew yu see daht girl ova dher she a straight hood rat she done capped of dha hood tht two timen hussey "
by SHANDA & CHRiS October 21, 2010
1. A questionable individual who runs around the hood causing havoc and making their mother's cry. Usually seen in packs of two to seven. One can usually hear a hood rat before they are seen because of their obnoxious calls to either potential mates or other hood rats.

2. A rodent who enjoys hanging out in the hoods of their owners hoodies/jackets.
1. What's that sound? Oh, it's just the local hood rats.

2. Aww, look at that little hood rat.
by CreepyGothChick July 05, 2014

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