Any Hispanic girl that wears way too much makeup, has penciled in eyebrows, too much gel, a handful of at-home piercings, and is generally nasty. The hoodrat society is a hierarchy, with the main hoodrat, or the one who is considered the “prettiest”(sluttiest) and has friends who are usually second in command, at the bottom are the messenger hoodrats, who send messages like “quit talkin’ shit about my homegirl” or “my homegirl says you better quit talkin’ shit” to other girls. Hoodrats are generally very cowardly and hide behind their boyfriends or their gang connections. Usually have friends who will fight FOR them.
Age range: 14-19
habitat: working class neighborhoods, ghettos.
Clothing: anything tight.
Hair: black or dark brown, usu. W/ blonde highlights. Usually in very high ponytail,(known as the “hoodrat facelift”)
jewelry: gold, and lots of it. At-home Marylin Monroe piercing, 10 piercings on each ear.
Social traits: Beware, for they hunt in packs.
Pastimes: talking shit, having sex, getting “fucked up”, making enemies, shaving their eyebrows, getting pregnant, making out in public places(preferably school hallways), fighting, dispatching messengers.
That girls eyebrows are fake, you can tell she pencils ‘em in, what a freakin’ hoodrat.

Hoodrat: my homegirl says to quit talkin’ shit
Girl: tell her to say that shit to my face, and to get her stupid fellow hood rats off my back.
by Lola_lola23_2 March 16, 2006
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A girl who sleeps with various men in the neighborhood. Usually noticeable via her slacking standards of personal care.
Sissy Ray.. she a hood rat!
by FAT$EXY February 17, 2003
A person who partakes in scandalous activity in order to achieve a goal or bad image. Some of the activities may be classified as illegal.
"Don't ask me about my bidness woman. I'm doing hoodrat things." or A 7-year-old thinks its fun to do hoodrat things, so he steals his grandmother's car.
by ronideutch12 October 11, 2009
A ghetto ass girl who hangs out with all the ghetto guys and thinks it's cute to be a slutt
gosh, victor hangs out with all the little hood rats
by Elena June 09, 2003
hood rat: A straight slut from the hood.. the kind or girl that has probablly slept with you and four of your best homies... Usually lazy as hell ..they are known to party a lot.. easy to take advantage of.
that girls a straight hood rat
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
1. 1. A person (usually a female) who exhibits a trashy or triflin demeanor. Their appearance and hygiene is usually unkempt and they are very promiscuous and often don’t use protected sex. They can be aggresive and are usually found in the “ghetto” (a car wash or park) or other poor environments (usually on the front porch) being unproductive to society living off Gov. aid. These type people are content with how they live and enjoy getting high and drunk on a regular bases. A female hood rat will be dressed wearing: store brought, colored, contact lenses, house shoes or flip flops; a nappy, blond or red weave; tasteless, faded and cut-up short shorts, a revealing top or jersey dress, and plastered with tattoos of baby daddies. A male hood rat will be dressed wearing: a funk that will knock your socks off; an Xtra long white dirty t-shirt big enough to cover a bed mattress; big heavy duty boots or 100 dollar tennis shoes (he probably spent his entire check to buy) and a plaque infested gold grill. Not all black people act like that, neither do people who live in impoverished environments! Some of them want out!
1. Did you see Shaniqua at the park yesterday girl? Umm hmm, she looked a hot mess dancing in front of all those guys with that skirt on with no panties in the middle of winter, a hood rat!

2. Dude, Dexter smelt so bad in the club the other night, high as hell, jumping around with that t-shirt on covered in ketchup stains trying to fight everybody who walked through the door. He a hood rat; you couldn’t pour class on his big lipped ass.
by Uppidybitch January 16, 2007
a skanky bitch who has nothin to do but just fuck guys
by sprite July 29, 2003
skanky ho dat always bangin da niggaz in da hood
shaniqua alway be at her baby's daddy's cribs suckin and fuckin.
by bastante martinez July 26, 2003

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