Girls of any ethnicity who make a problem out of nothing. Although thought to be scientifically impossible, they seem to have no boundaries. They feed off drama as would rats feed off cheese. They normally date blacks, puerto ricans, or mexicans in whom would claim to be in a gang or dress as if they are in one. They get turned on by the fact that their boyfriend is a bad-ass and sleeps with other women. These hood rats love to feed off that drama, so they go back out with him the next day only for it to happen again. If these hood rats happen to be caucasian, they desperately wish that they were Puerto Rican or Mexican, so they talk as if they were one.
Did you see those Hood Rats trying to fight me over 3 dollars? They must desperately want their next hit of weed
by HoodRatHater100 August 25, 2010
A male or female that is always at partys making out and messing around with random people, but doesn't let them hit!
I hood rat it out wen i go party XD!
by LBctunes May 22, 2010
Someone who is frequently seen in the hood. People who act ghetto. Usually the least classy people you will ever meet. In order to be a hood rat, you don't have to have unprotected sex, or do drugs. You just gotta be from the hood.
Look at Ryan's myspace with his new DJ Khaled song, he is such a hood rat.

Brendan and Sarah are the biggest hood rats I know.
by YOryan July 26, 2008
1.) Beth ;noun,

2.) one who blames other for short comings in life.

3.) Uses people to be a daddy for there baby
"Hey John, did you hear from Hood Rat?" reply "no,last time I saw her was on her way to a shrink.
by Dashrink March 08, 2009
the sickest shit ever
stealing your grandmas car for a hood rat joy ride. doing hood rat shit with your friends
by kkklutchh May 06, 2009
A triflin' bitch who thinks she the shit and talks about everybody and they momma even though she ain't shit herself. Usually has large amounts of red weave comin from her nappy ass roots.
Hamidah is a straight hood rat.
by woopsy January 19, 2006
associated with white trash and kaelyn quite a bit. an indian lookin slut who tries to get with other chicks boyfriends.
she is the queen of the hood rats, just look at her.
by hahahaha... May 24, 2009

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