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A Hooba Boobah is a colloquial phrase meaning; unpleasant or disreputable. It's first usage was adopted by an Edwardian author Mr. Peter R. Tippey, who on January 9th 1901 published an article on King Edward VII's (or before his reign "Bertie's) sex chair, or periodically known as "siege d’amour", or "love-seat". Hooba Boobah is pronounced "Who-bah - Boo-bah".

His introduction reads as follows :

"Our future successor, Edward VII or common to us all as 'Bertie', has kept a rather "Hooba Boobah" secret from the public. Last morrow a dear, and trust worthy friend in connection to the Royal Family, has told me of our future king's materials for Coitus. I ask your pardon if any women should read this, but indeed, I believe it is only incumbent on me to hint that our dear 'ol Bertie certainly is not an enchanting heir."

- Daily New Era by Mr. Peter R. Tippey (1901)
For those who are still unfamiliar with the term; let me give you a list of examples :

1. That television programme was Hooba Boobah.

2. Shut your Hooba Boobah-ing mouth.

3. You must be the most Hooba Boobah-ish person I have ever met.
by Mrs. Doubtful September 23, 2013
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