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An awesome holiday where a group of people dress up in the most awkward, outrageous clothes they can muster and then parade around, getting a lot of weird looks and things thrown at them. Throughout the day, the number of times this group is honked at by passing cars, asked questions about their outfits, or waves, etc, is tallied and then counted up at the end of the day (my personal record is 257). It is also typical for these people to commit random acts of randomness where lots of people can watch them (ex: dueling with curtain rods, creating sidewalk art with Easy Cheese, giving away free tins of anchovies, etc). Other Honky Tonk Day customs include: eating at Outback Steakhouse, taking pictures with people, playing DDR in crazy outfits that make a lot of noise (bells, etc), and more.

Annually celebrated on July 7th. But it's really not limited to that, you can celebrate whenever you feel like things are getting dull. : )

This holiday has absolutely nothing to do with the usual definition of "honky" or "honky tonk".

Originally invented by a group of freaks in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Unfortunately, it's only really celebrated by a select few cool people. =/
Remember when we scared all those tourists last Honky Tonk Day? They totally freaked out when we started dancing.
by Tabs & Nox August 21, 2006
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