A person of Hong Kong descent, usually fluent in Cantonese and recognized with a loud, obnoxious, annoying voice, yapping away in Cantonese whenever and wherever. Doesn't know how to speak English properly, and ends every sentence with a la, ah, ar, etc.

Their fobbiness is proven by their English/Cantonese method of typing. "Ngor yiu au si" etc.

Dressed in hideous attire, and equipped with the latest inventions in technology. Ballin' car, brought by rich ass parents, who are usually away for business for long periods of time in Hong Kong or other parts of China. Some honger males harsh resemble honger females and vice versa.

Occasionally, you will bump into a "cool" honger, but the majority of them are the total opposite.

You will find hongers at honger arcades playing DDR, honger malls drinking bubble tea, etc.

Usually racist, hongers tend to stay away from non-Chinese people.

Occasionally, you will bump into a "cool" honger, but the majority of them are the total opposite.

BTW, hongers and CBC's (Canadian born Chinese) are NOT the same.

Also see FOB.
You're an idiot if you are proud to be honger.
by Katy December 07, 2004
It is a group of people that are Chinese-Americans who disrupt what people think of people from Hong Kong.
person 1: omg omg! You HAVE to take stick pix with me!
by natethegreat May 24, 2005
honger is just another kinda of wannabe. who does not believe in him/her self, and tries to become smthg that they think looks cool. usually look down at any chinese who is not like them. and esp. hate those that are better than them. They try to be cool, but when shit actually come. they run away faster than superman having sex. it other words, hongers are just looks but nothing about them could be relible.
Hongers would try to enforce their fashion sense on to you by saying how much ur fashion sucks, but in reality they should really shoot whoever sold them that dress.
Hongers are also the kind of ppl who is very stubborn and so unopen-minded that they would not care about any idea other than their owns.
If u continue to think hongers are cool, no comment. wish u luck with them.
examples? well almost any snooty person.
by Tsubasa Ozora January 25, 2005
hongers.. not all hongers are what you guys are saying.. gold hair.. gay cloths.. cocky cars.. I know what I you guys mean.. I am a honger myself.. I dont have gay cloths.. but I do have gold hair be4.. but now its black.. since its kooler.. what you guys are mistaken is.. MK hongers.. MK as in (Mok kok) a street name in hk.. for the ppl you guys talk about.. they often get laughed at.. for their hair and clothing and they are mostly the ones you see in canada that uses a new cell phone everyday.. so.. MK hongers are different than other hongers...
Mok Kok (MK) honger : funny hair, converse shoes, ugly pants, trying to act so high class,if they wear glasses.. its often so thick like a brick, lots of earrings, clothing like a hobo, weird cell phones

normal Honger : hmm clothing.. I guess you can say.. normal, hair colour.. black,brown.. thoese ones.. often not pink and stuff, still uses those la,ar,wa endings, often can speak little english...
by hide November 11, 2004
A Honger (HUNG-UR)is a generally new word with means lound annoying asian. Hongers either come form Hong Kong or sometimes are CBC (Canadian Born Chinese). Classic traits of Hongers are odd fashion trends to meet the eye, rather extravagant accesories such as cell phones, organizers etc. And fast jap cars which are leeched of their parents.They think they own Vancouver. They tend to be extremely loud and annoying always ranting in cantonese or something, (its enough to make you shoot urself) and only seem to accept other established hongers into their organization.They drink this disgusting shit called bubble tea and play badminton. They are also pretty cocky sumtimes and have threats to kick your ass when really all it takes is a few bitchslaps across those ugly ass faces of theirs to send them back to Hong Kong. On the plus side, some hongers can be quite nice,(I've experinced some nice hongers) and they can also be so cute and adorable (THE GIRLS ONLY) kinda like a kitten. Personally I dislike hongers. Also, the emo fad has seem to take the honger world by storm always bitching in blog sites. To find hongers (i dont know why anyone in hell would want to do that) visit towns along the west coast such as Vancouver, BC :( Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA. Hongers tend to be in abundance in this area.
The Honger went to get bubble tea.
Hongers are the reason why Vancouver is the shittiest city on earth.
by Jonny Desmond September 01, 2006
A person from Hong Kong or wants to be that dresses like a dumbass and dyes their hair weird colors and wears army pants and carry gap style back packs they are also cocky but when they are made fun of they dont do shit about it.
Look at that honger's pants!
by canvan May 25, 2003
can be anyone from a foreign asian country. must be wear mismatched colors.Must be in ESL or another language assistance class.

males must be attracted to things like Hell# K*tty and virtually everything unproportional.

females must have undeveloped chests and hairy armpits. they usually get really hot honger bfs though.

hongers refer to themselves as "honga".
Let's go honger watching! *honger walks by* Wow, that is one ugly honger!
by kleaie February 19, 2005

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