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The title given to those that have reached a certain level of knowledge in regards to the land of Hong Kong.

Things that make people Hong Kongy:

MTR, Malls, Taxi Drivers, Crosswalks, Navigation, LKF, Mr. Wong's, Billy Boozers, Burger King Sundays, Buddhas, temples, 7 Elevens, Bakeries, Lion Rock, Bubble Tea, Chunky Rice, The Canteen, Horse Races, Macau, Escalators, Open Container, Hot Pot, Chopsticks, Mong Kok.

*In order to become Hong Kongy you must first partake in all of these activities on atleast a weekly basis. Furthermore, you may only be given the title "Hong Kongy" by somebody else that is "Hong Kongy"*
Bill: "I just bought a pork bun from the bakery"
Fred: "Man, you are really Hong Kongy"
Bill: "I know"
by Kong Hongy February 20, 2011
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