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The term can be used as taking a honeymoon hike when the entire family is in the house and there is no where for you and your partner to go for some privacy. So taking a hike for a quickie, let it be BJ, HJ or goin for it all and havin sex against the trees or on the ground if your dirty enough for it. Its usually just a quickie but whatever.
"Babe theres no where to go for us to be alone, grandparents are nappin in your room, parents are giving a tour to your cousins and theres kids running around all over the place, lets take a honeymoon hike."

example 2.
"Where were you guys?" asked Lucy
"We went out for a hike" said Tyrone and Ami
"Theres no mountains here, its florida." said Lucy
"Honeymoon Hike" said Tyrone
by latin-kitten May 08, 2009
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