A honeycutt is some one, normally a girl who is actually a total bitch, but she's usually polite and sugarcoats everything so that it sounds like she's not. Often a very social person, very attractive and manipulative. Most of the time she will never be directly rude to someone, but will make them feel inferior by being "Fake nice".

Although, this can be a bad or good thing for some girls - It would depend on the situations and people this approach is used with. Also, oftentimes the "honeycutt" won't consciously be thinking that they're treating people this way, it's just the way they are.
Instead of telling someone to fuck off, she'll make it sound sweet as sugar so the other person would feel rude if they didn't do as they were asked - Likewise if she wants a favour from someone, and it will also almost sound like she's doing them a favour.
by chazm August 19, 2005
Top Definition
A man of magnificent cocktitude. Usually quite veiny and triumphant
Are you naturally this honeycutt?
by White Barry November 28, 2011
See pussy
when they chucked a beer bottle at the tank, i turned into a complete honeycutt

only honeycutts are scared of giant homosexual child molestors with a leaf blower
by josh September 22, 2003
to act pussylike, to be afraid to do anything worth doing or one who is a weakling, one who fears most things in life
Don't be a honeycutt, get on the stupid airplane!
by EB October 02, 2003
a fucking PUSSY
Come on, Jump! Don't be a honeycutt.

Don't be a honeycutt, do a honeycutt.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
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