When emily loves joe like her honeybunch
JoeH your my honeybunch, MWUAHAHAHA
by Joeh April 14, 2005
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One who is sweeter than just a bit of honey, and whose sweetness can only compare to a whole bunch of honey.
Dustin is my wonderful Honeybunch!!
by avrose April 09, 2011
Kyle's are more known as Honey-buches these days.
They are very sweet hearted and helpful. He can make many misunderstandings and take things to fare but everyone still loves him anyways.

Honey-bunches are very cute and cuddly :3

Once you meet an Honey-bunch it is known to get very horny off them.
Honey-Bunch: Hey Baby Cakes!
Baby Cakes: Hey Honey-Bunch!

Luis looks over curious of whose calling eachother
such obserd names. Once Luis gets sight of Honey-bunch it soons runs to the bathroom.

Honey-buch: Do you hear that moaning?
Baby Cakes: Sounds like someone looked at you again!
by Baby Cakesss July 07, 2009
(short for honeybunches of oats cereal.)

1. Someone you have a crush on.

2. A boyfriend/girlfriend.

3. Interchangable with other names of cereals.
Katrina: Man, I need a life.

Jenna: Well, if you would talk to your honey-bunches, you would have one!

Katrine: *scoff*
by Linny Nataline March 24, 2010

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