The flattering name used to describe your dick when you add honey to your dick and have a girl lick/suck it off, making it taste sweeter when your dick goes in her mouth.
Steve put honey on his dick. Now someone has to lick his honey dick.
by Honey Dick Steve May 06, 2011
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To seduce a person and use them for your personal agenda. Coined in the movie "The Interview"
"Dave, she honeydicked me. She used me to take out Kim Jong-Un."
by D.J. Ango December 25, 2014
Buttering someone up to get them to do what you want.

Synonyms: Honey potting (when referencing a manipulative female)
E1-Aaron: They’re honey-potting us.

Dave: What?

Aaron: It’s an attractive spy woman they send to lure men into doing shit they’re not supposed to do. How can you not see that?

E2-I bet you got him in here to honey dick me, just in case I'm gay.
-The Interview (2014)
by SherinArar January 01, 2015
To attract someone or something by appealing to them (usually sexually), in an attempt to manipulate them for your own good.
Jeff: if you think about it, pedophiles honeydick kids into their vans by offering them candy as a false illusion, right?
Dan: Shut up, Jim.
by Difter December 25, 2014
When a cock starts dripping sweet-and-sour sauce out of the mushroom tip. An STD that is caused by having sex with a woman who has had a dirty cock bust a nut inside her sugar walls.
Bob: "Man, that sex last night was great but my cock has started leaking all kinds of sauce."
Kevin: "Man, you got yourself some of that HONEY DICK!"
by SaucyWonder August 28, 2013
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