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Term of endearment invented by Quentin Tarantino and made famous by the movie Pulp Fiction
It's cool, Honey Bunny, we're still
by bombchu March 11, 2004
177 72
a girl. if the girl is a freshman in high school, she can be referred to as a freshbunny.

made popular by the character Ben Starling in the book Paper Towns by John Green.
God, that is one candy-coated honeybunny.
by Dr.Watson June 26, 2009
33 10
Bart Simpson's childhood toy or term of endearment.
"I love my honeybunny".
by RockyVaughn May 18, 2006
46 28
Three times greater than a snickerdoodle.
Wow, Justa is such a honeybunny, she is three times greater than a snickerdoodle.
by Cornmuffin December 18, 2005
19 19
A sassy black girl with long fake nails and fake hair. Usually travel in groups. Can be heard speaking what sounds like their own language in a much higher pitch and volume. Wardrobe consists of the latest swap meet fashion items and knock off bags.
Have you seen the new Ludacris video? I saw that honey bunny on Maury!
by Baby Loose-Neck February 27, 2010
7 78