A sassy black girl with long fake nails and fake hair. Usually travel in groups. Can be heard speaking what sounds like their own language in a much higher pitch and volume. Wardrobe consists of the latest swap meet fashion items and knock off bags.
Have you seen the new Ludacris video? I saw that honey bunny on Maury!
by Baby Loose-Neck February 27, 2010
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Term of endearment invented by Quentin Tarantino and made famous by the movie Pulp Fiction
It's cool, Honey Bunny, we're still
by bombchu March 11, 2004
a girl. if the girl is a freshman in high school, she can be referred to as a freshbunny.

made popular by the character Ben Starling in the book Paper Towns by John Green.
God, that is one candy-coated honeybunny.
by Dr.Watson June 26, 2009
Bart Simpson's childhood toy or term of endearment.
"I love my honeybunny".
by RockyVaughn May 18, 2006
Three times greater than a snickerdoodle.
Wow, Justa is such a honeybunny, she is three times greater than a snickerdoodle.
by Cornmuffin December 18, 2005

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