n. hone honing honed honeable

1. The act of sex or sexual intercorse. 2. A tool with a rotating abrasive tip for enlarging holes to precise dimensions.
1. He will hone some random girls this weekend.
2. Do you think they are going to hone?
3. She is honeable.
by C Sheen July 05, 2005
To invade somebody's personal space, property, or agenda.
i.e. girlfriend.
Dude, he's so honing in on your girl.

I can tell by how he talks, he's trying to hone in on my girl.
by big mac65 July 17, 2006
To ditch or bail out on; to call out. Any act that is considered socially unexceptable. An act that causes one to be temporarily or permanentally rejected by one's social group depending on the severity of the 'hone.' If someone does the said action enough times they would be known as a "honer."
1) Instead of coming to the movies with us, she decided to go see her boyfriend...what a honer!?

2) He told everyone my secret crush, I can't believe he honed on me like that.

3) Her parents gave her a curfew, what a hone!?
by Kate Clark May 08, 2005

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