To the general public, who obviously know nothing about cars, the Honda Civic's prime selling point is its relativly low price and wide readily available assortment of after-market parts. Any car can be made to go 155MPH provided you have the right parts and the right knowlege to tune it, as I have with my own. I spent little on the parts that were nessessary in improving the car performance. To date, with only about 8000 spent, this car can out perform on acceleration, top speed, fuel economy and handling than most mustang Gt's, WRXs, Boxters, and so on. As an economy class sub-compact, the 2001-2005 Honda Civic sports a 1.7L single-cam gasoline engine, (in our groups case have made over 250 safe HP for daily driving) it is a excellent platform for modification. Its low initial cost and lightwieght frame give the Civic the potentional of EXTREME performance which many sluggish V8s cannot even dream of. Make fun the the civic all you want, buck for buck, this car IS the smarter choice for people who "know".
turbo tuned honda civic equals performace for price. Don't bother comparing it to a V10 like most idiots do.
by BrianLi December 06, 2006
A honda civic is a car with much potential for all you v8 lovers. A civic may not produce as much horsepower as a v8 stock but who leaves their car stock? A turboed 1.6L Civic would spank a v8 even tho the v8 is still pushing more horsepower and torque. Honda engines are great because they are very small but can generate a shit load of horsepower so why don't you v8 lovers go look at a youtube video sometime and look at a Civic pushing 500 or 600hp and see if your "big time v8s" can keep up. And remember one thing, it doesn't matter how fast your car goes, it's how fast you can get it up there so the civic dominates in the quickness factor!
*200hp Honda Civic 12 sec car / 300hp v8 14 sec car
*v8 is a health drink and nothing better!
by CrxSohcZc February 14, 2007
the best compact sedan ever been created by humans. costs less than 20k, runs great, comfy, and kicks the ass out of a ferrari, lamborghini, or corolla
i got a honda civic for 15k, and it has been running great since 1990. my stupid friend got a bmw, and then engine broke after 1 day
by honda civic October 16, 2006
a peice of crap car with hardly any engine power, kinda like ajeep, or kyles dads bobcat, or the hummer, or that piece of poo totorhome. TOYOTA FO LIFE.
lets get this strait, your honda civic has has an engine with 1.6 litres, and my bottle of pepsi has 2 litres
by landcruiser1985 April 03, 2006
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