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Unfortunately, one of the most popular cars among young people today. Unnecessary modifications are commonly seen on these "automobiles". If you are lucky, you just might see one on the road that doesn't have any alterations. But that is highly improbable and would lead to only two other possible reasons:

1. They are on their way to auto zone
2. They are on their way to Carmax to sell it so another poor uneducated soul can take possession of it to realize in a week the mistake they made.

It is perfectly natural to see a Civic with:
-Muffler big enough to fit a small child in (ages 1-3)
-Wing on the back so big that the U.S. Air Force sends you "preferred customer" slips in the mail every week
-Tinted windows that don't match the car's color scheme (usually installed by color blind individuals of Spanish decent)
-Fluorescent lighting underneath the car, which can be purchased at your local Ace Hardware store
-Ghost flames on the side that are done so bad it give it the effect that the car was in an accident.
-Front right tire missing the hub cap and/or spare tire
-Fake hood scoop(s)
-Neon lit windshield washer outlets
-A removed "H" emblem from the front of the car
-Missing side view mirror
-Different color bumper
-One fake spinner rim (usually located on one of the rear wheels)
-Lowered to the point so that scrapping of the pavement can draw attention
-Stock horn supplied by fisher price

Despite the uselessness of this vehicle on the road, it does provide a good number of useful attributes:
-The new energy efficient hybrids are still powered by the usual AA batteries (not included), but newly equipped with live hamsters running on hamster wheels under the hood to power the car while it sits at idle or the gas pedal is released.
-Add the mammoth muffler for a simple 5 person to a new 6-person capacity conversion
-For only $2.00 more you can add a spoiler big enough so you can cut the grass with your Honda
see: lawn mower, hamster cage, special olympics...
by Brandon May 07, 2005
a reasonably priced economy car designed for excellent reliability and fuel efficiency.
these vehicles are often riced out by adding obnoxious subwoofers, rims, neon, tint, and fartcans
the term can also be used in conjunction with any other model of vehicle from any other manufacturer to describe the excessive ricing of that vehicle, especially american vehicles that should never be riced.
Damn look at that thing, huge ass wing, clear taillights, neon, ugly tint, big subs, and fartcans, that thing is just a regular honda civic mustang.
by Sir Wonder April 22, 2007
a car that seems to be popular nowadays among 17-20 year olds who think that the car is actually fast due to playing too much Need for Speed underground.

its a reliable car, but when you leave anything switched on when the car is turned off, the battery will die.

no joke. it's happened to me twice. because that damn roof light switch screwed itself and switched on.
friend: hey, why'd you take the bus?

you: ehm. it didn't wanna turn on. i think the roof light switched on again at night.

friend: what didnt turn on?

you: ehm. my Honda Civic?

friend: you should get another car, i think it will only become a bigger problem as time passes.
by bob failson October 15, 2009
a car usually owned by a douche-y guy who is ironically over-obsessed with his POS car. may also be owned by a bear.
Eww... That guy drives a Honda Civic. Let's key it!!!
by Kristal Conrad March 30, 2009
Car that way too many people think is fast.... but really is a big pile of shit. Don't get me wrong... I like Japanese cars.... Civics are just big piles of shit.
I have ran 5 Civics since I bought my car, and beat the shit out of every one of them. Good thing they had those loud ass mufflers :). Come back when you have a motor that will keep up with my stock 4-banga.
by SORRYCIVICS January 06, 2004
Misunderstood car bought by way too many young kids that think they are fast. Often times built up very shitty which causes for many people to never even concider research to find out the true potential of the Honda Civic.

DOCH Vtec= NOT AS GAY (if modifications are done corectly)
Man did you see that lil D17 civic try to race that V8, what does he think he's running a B series in that thing?

Dumbass's should stick to there V8's and stop tryin to make a 4 cylander fst
by TyDIz December 04, 2004
A piece of crap car, normally driven by individuals with of Asian and Latino descent who think they're hot shit with their farting exhausts. No, they're indeed quite useless.
White Guy #1: Did you just fart?

White Guy #2: No, it was the chach in the rice racer Honda Civic

White Guy #1: Of he Asian?

White Guy #2: Yup.
by Jonny33YEEEEEBOII February 14, 2011
Honda Civic's are an amazing car IF you do it right and put your money into the engine. Seriously.. When you put a body kit and a Spoiler on a completely stock civic you have some serious issues. Stock Civics ARE NOT for racing. They have good overall performance for GETTING AROUND not trying to race the farrari down the street. Seriously.. engine, and PLEASE NO Fart cans.. annoying as HELL.
Guy 1 : Yo man i got 21" Spinners and decals all over my Honda Civic.

Guy 2 : Where'd you buy them?

Guy 1 : Walmart

Guy 2 : ... gtfo of my house now.
by Gbaytuner January 15, 2011

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