A car nobody wanted untill after fast and the furious came out. The car itself is a poser, It is the easiest car to find aftermarket parts for, but no matter what you do to it, it wont be fast, and it will still be a honda civic. Granny car. Rich white guy toy race car.
Hey yo, im about to get me a sweet honda civic Si, and im gonna put rims and some gook pipe on it, I'm captain original!!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
Top Definition
Unfortunately, one of the most popular cars among young people today. Unnecessary modifications are commonly seen on these "automobiles". If you are lucky, you just might see one on the road that doesn't have any alterations. But that is highly improbable and would lead to only two other possible reasons:

1. They are on their way to auto zone
2. They are on their way to Carmax to sell it so another poor uneducated soul can take possession of it to realize in a week the mistake they made.

It is perfectly natural to see a Civic with:
-Muffler big enough to fit a small child in (ages 1-3)
-Wing on the back so big that the U.S. Air Force sends you "preferred customer" slips in the mail every week
-Tinted windows that don't match the car's color scheme (usually installed by color blind individuals of Spanish decent)
-Fluorescent lighting underneath the car, which can be purchased at your local Ace Hardware store
-Ghost flames on the side that are done so bad it give it the effect that the car was in an accident.
-Front right tire missing the hub cap and/or spare tire
-Fake hood scoop(s)
-Neon lit windshield washer outlets
-A removed "H" emblem from the front of the car
-Missing side view mirror
-Different color bumper
-One fake spinner rim (usually located on one of the rear wheels)
-Lowered to the point so that scrapping of the pavement can draw attention
-Stock horn supplied by fisher price

Despite the uselessness of this vehicle on the road, it does provide a good number of useful attributes:
-The new energy efficient hybrids are still powered by the usual AA batteries (not included), but newly equipped with live hamsters running on hamster wheels under the hood to power the car while it sits at idle or the gas pedal is released.
-Add the mammoth muffler for a simple 5 person to a new 6-person capacity conversion
-For only $2.00 more you can add a spoiler big enough so you can cut the grass with your Honda
see: lawn mower, hamster cage, special olympics...
by Brandon May 07, 2005
racing civics is like racing in the special olympics, even if you win you're still a retard
that whale fin spoiler makes it a lot faster
by monkeybananapie February 22, 2005
A wonderfully fuel efficent car that is commonly modified by teenagers who have no idea as to what a Civic was built for, with its 31/38mpg (2005 EX 5spd MT), room for five, understated styling and a fair amount of get up and go (for a commuter) it makes a perfect commuter car.
My old '88 Honda Civic had 385,000 miles on the original engine before I broke down and purchased an 05
by aeon flux November 03, 2005
A downmarket alternative to a lawn mower, with less power and style.
After investing some $20000 in modifications, I shaved two seconds off my Civic's 30 second 0-60 time!
by superiormind June 22, 2005
Honda Civic is a well built family sedan/car, a japanese car to be exact; however it's reputation (along with several import makes and models) has been tarnished due to the media and the younger generation of our time. This simple family sedan has been turned by naive teens into something of a "street race car" which it isn't meant to be. This reputation however isn't hurting the Honda Corp. as instead it help them on the sales of the Civics in the automobile market. It however has hurt several innocent owners of Civics who are only after the vehicles very good gas mileage, reliability, and resale value. It is just sad to see that people (including police officers) see Civics and Civic owners as speeders or racers. You should just remember, NOT ALL ARE!
I don't know what their parents have been feeding them, maybe too much rice, but these kids otta know that their Honda Civic is really a family sedan not a sport car.
by ERAC_employee May 14, 2006
The ultimate rice rocket, driven mainly by Asians (the ones that spell it azn in a lame attempt to be hardcore), and goofy white tool bags that have to resort to this lowest of means in a last ditch effort to get middle school girls to like them, only to be arrested for statutory a few months later. Often tricked out with various accessories to make the car loud so that the driver will be noticed by the opposite sex for once in his sad, pathetic life. In short, it's a riced out piece of shit.
Honda Civics are like tampons...every pussy's got one.
by Nick D July 28, 2004
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