History Of No Dramatic Acceleration
even with nos it runs 18's
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
A crappy, slow piece of shit. Driven by assholes who cruise McDonald's parking lots for pussy.
Ricer: Hey, you see that hot chick over there?

Ricer friend: Yeah. She'll love my Honda Civic, the stickers alone add a million horsepower. Enough to overcome its torque deficit.

Ricer: What torque deficit?

Ricer friend: Well the only torque it makes is from the weight of the flywheel... 20Nm.

Ricer: Oh great that guy in the HG Monaro 350 just took her!
by ricehater November 30, 2007
H.- Hop
O.- On
N.- Nothing
D.- Dumb
A.- Ass
if you hopped onto a Honda you would be considered a dumb ass because Hondas are nothing
by hondasaregayyyyyyy February 15, 2009
Another name for the popular party drug ecstasy.
"Hey bro, you getting on the hondaz tonight?"
by chuur November 25, 2008
I used to have a HONDA.
by Dirk November 11, 2004
Cars hot boys look for if hey got a swap or need a donor.
HURRY!! Grab that tag number that hondas got a swap! Hes bout to get got.
by Funnay dude August 21, 2009
An economy car company from Japan.
New for 2006, Honda's a being more accurately tested, essentially lower fuel economy and lower horsepower than before (it's the truth.) On a different note, the quality of domestics is on the rise and horsepower ratings are up about 3% average, compared to imports who have lost 3%.
by Myajd jdg August 18, 2005

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