A series of cars which consist of:
- a noisy metal box
- plastic, tons of it everywhere
- cheap cloth
Wow my Honda sucks.
by AntiochBucktownYay August 07, 2015
A bogus automobile company that manufactures 4-wheel motorcycles with cabs and markets them as "cars"
Guy 1 -- "What does 'torque' mean?"

Guy 2 -- "See? Dude this is why you drive a Honda."
by R/T June 21, 2011
what every chevrolet has for dinner after a good race.
Man you should have seen my chevy eat that honda the other night it was awesome.
by grsmnky84 September 15, 2007
A highly prestige company, known for great performance while being economical and reliable.

In production of a large range of products including automobiles, generators, motorcycles, outboard motors, water pumps and scooters.

Leading the field in technology. example V-tech.

Creator of the first hybrid car.

Honda have also created planes and robots which give them visions on where they will head in the future.

Honda sets the standard for style at a reasonable price.
Honda Civic out-performs anything in its league. 96kw compared to the Ford (Festiva) with 74kw.

Honda Integra out-performs anything in its league. 154kw compared to the Ford (Focus) with 96kw.

Honda Accord (family car) 177kw compared to the Ford Falcon 156kw.

The most powerful Fords are the 260kw XR8 and the 240kw XR6 Turbo.
The most powerful Honda is the NSX with 201kw.

The XR6 Turbo out-performs the XR8 running a stock boost of only 6 PSI.

The NSX out performs both of them, 0-60mph in 5.7 sec compared to the XR6 Turbo of 6.6 sec.

Honda’s run very highest compression ratio the new Integra is 11.0:1
Ford’s compression ration of the XR6 is 8.7:1.

Torque is important if you are toeing a caravan or you have a heavy load
But when it comes to acceleration there are many other factors, like power to weight, that make a car fast.

One eyed person:
Honda’s are shit because I say so; I have no supporting evidence or logic behind my accusation, I just make assumptions. My car is a 6.0 liter it’s fast.

Person with reason:
Of course its fast any car company can make a fast car just by adding cylinders, but Honda produce performance, in more effective ways.

For the ultimate in stock performance Nissan is the best way to go.
Nothing beats the effectiveness of a turbocharged car.
The Nissan Skyline GTS is banded in American.
A Jap brand of cars that arrived in the USA around 1970. Every model of car they have made has been a small boring crap box designed to get people from point A to Point B. Economy is the main factor. No outside styling is considered, as all Hondas look the same.
I cannot understand why everybody loves Honda, they are a total buzz kill, and all their cars are boring pieces of crap.
by Metalhead83 March 07, 2012
Acronym for "Had One, Never Did Accelerate"
I had a car. It was a Honda.
by oldestof6 October 15, 2008
1) a car that sucks and does not have the power to beat any car and if ur looking for some with a honda just call out "RICER"

2) a blender on wheels
honda= cracked out lawnmower with 4 wheels and a coffie can exaust
by scooby! January 18, 2008
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