The Ultimate Ricer Machine.
Look at Carlos ricing up his Honda Accord.
by Qbert October 23, 2004
A Japanese car that runs forever and is still sporty.
Man, his Honda gets really good MPGs.
by Gary Coleman IV June 13, 2008
A word used to change, end topics, or confuse the other person.
Person 1: hey wats up?
Person 2: Nothin much
Person 1: whered you go last night?
Person 2: Honda...?
Person 1: What?
Person 2: nothing...
by Joewho? January 28, 2009
A Japanese car manufacturer that produces fun to drive cars that have better than average longevity and resale value. Commonly disrespected because some Honda owners trick/rice their car for their own enjoyment and life experience. To each his own I say, all people want to do in life is create, explore, and have fun, and if you do it to a Honda, you will most likely be called a fagot by people who misunderstand the meaning of life.
My '92 Honda Accord has 330k miles, runs great, and is fun to drive.
by GetRealB July 10, 2008
a car manufacturer that everyone hates because they "attempt" to race with them and never get far with them. They make economy cars...not ferraris. overall a good car company tho, one of the most reliable..just not for racing
Someone: dude that honda's a piece of shit.
Me: why? because some guy thinks its fast?
by Deadly BlaZe June 24, 2004
Quality cars. Acchieve performance through efficiency, not muscle.
People break their necks trying to watch me pass them.
by honda December 16, 2003
A Honda is Like a Tampon - Every Pussy Has One.
The only people who drive hondas are wapanese and faggots.
by Assholes Inc. September 10, 2003

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