Honda is a car company that made some pretty good cars. From the 80's to 2000, I think they were great. Now I'm not really into them.
Now this is for the ignorant fucktards:
There is nothing wrong with Hondas. Hondas are reliable and if tuned right, they can produce very good results. Not all Hondas are riced, and some are true beasts. However, I can understand where everyone comes from with what they say. The problem with Honda owners is that the 98% of them rice them out like no other or think their car is the shit. The other 1% is an elite group of tuners who know what the fuck they're doing.
My Honda looks stock but runs 8's. Your Honda looks like shit and it's still stock under the hood...ricer fag.

by 634634 December 06, 2006
Apparently, Honda is the only auto manufacturer that Puerto Ricans in Central Florida will buy. Young and old, they own nothing but Hondas.
CivicJuan: Oye loco, wanna race? My Honda will shit all over your V8 piece of shit.

V8John: Isn't that your mother's car? Why don't you buy a real car instead of trying to turn an econobox into something it's not?

CivicJuan: Nah bro, I only fuck with Hondas. VIVA EL HONDA! My mom got one just like mine but hers don't got VTAK.

V8John: ...
by Muscle > Ricers December 30, 2009
Japanese automaker that makes very reliable and affordable daily drivers, family cars, and econo-boxes. Commonly mistaken by domestic owners to be the pinnacle of Japanese performance engineering, and therefore is used as "proof" that American cars are somehow superior to imports.
Domestic owner: Dude my Yenko Camaro just totally smoked that Honda Civic!

Import owner: And my Blitz Skyline can drive circles around a Ford Pinto. You don't see me bragging about it.

by carfan89 June 11, 2007
A well-respected company that is known for reliable cars. The 2004 Honda Accord, Odyssey, and Pilot received very good ratings for its reliabilty. Should be respected in terms of reliability, not in terms of the most fast and furious cars. It has been trying very hard in making good cars to preserve the environment. However, Honda's cars are getting uglier lately such as the new Element. Hondas are respectable cars and the only reasons they should not be liked are slight ugliness or that they are not fast and furious except for the S2000.

Also used as an acronym for:
History of No Dramatic Acceleration
How Odd, No Damn Acceleration
Honda is underrated in terms of reliabilty but mediocre in being fast and furious.
by AC April 23, 2004
1. Manufacturer of everything from automobiles to outboard motors, both known for quality and longevity
That 239,000 mile 4-door 91 Honda Accord just completely raped that Mustang on the autoX course!
by Bob July 03, 2003
An EXTREMELY well built car thatll last you a long fucking time. The company was started by Soichiro Honda after he was a mechanic in a shop. Before they produced cars, they were known for theyre motorcycles. Now Honda includes ATV's, Motorcycles, Cars, boat engines, snowblowers, and the Acura automobile lineup. Honda's are known to survive well past 180,000 miles. Many people think my del Sol Si is new, but little do they know it has 150,000 miles on it.
The Honda S2000 produces more hp from a 2.2liter 4 banger than anything else on the market. Nice 11:1 compression ratio, Honda.
by insmod_ex August 11, 2003
A Japanese car that runs forever and is still sporty.
Man, his Honda gets really good MPGs.
by Gary Coleman IV June 13, 2008

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